About Us

Deb moved from the fast paced city life of Boston to pursue her nursing career in ski country, North Conway NH. There she met John, working in sporting goods (mainly skiing and tennis) and their story began. Living in a touristy area they often romanticized about running an inn. They frequented Kennebunkport, visiting John’s sister Deanie and stayed most often at (you guessed it) The Cape Porpoise Motel.  Preparing for an empty nest  from three grown children a new adventure presented itself in 2007 and they purchased the Cape Porpoise Motel . 

Our Approach

We usually lived far enough from family that a visit meant an overnight or two (or more). We always made sure they had a cozy, clean and comfortable room with a private bathroom and good thirsty towels. We take the same approach with our guests. We want to ensure a relaxed and comfortable stay like visiting friends or family that you truly like and genuinely enjoy.